China Eyeing High-Temperature Reactors to Increase Domestic Nuclear Power Capacity and Boost Reactor Exports, New Report Launched

China’s High-Temperature Reactor (HTR) program aims to increase domestic nuclear power capacity and nuclear reactor exports. HTRs are modular, highly efficient, and passively safe, and will allow China to be one of the first few countries to have fourth-generation reactors.

The Fukushima disaster raised serious concerns regarding the safety of nuclear reactors across the globe, and China decided to temporarily halt the construction of all of its in-land nuclear reactors as a result. In an industry where safety is of paramount importance, the introduction of safe fourth-generation reactors can help to alleviate public concern regarding nuclear power and project China as a leader in nuclear technology. The country aims to operate its first HTR by 2017.

China also hopes to export its HTR technology to other countries, particularly nations that do not currently operate any nuclear reactors. HTRs mitigate the need for huge capital investment in the construction of nuclear reactors due to their modular nature, and so China expects to secure several contracts in the near future. China has initiated dialogue with countries such as Cambodia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates to export its HTR technology.


  • The report focuses on the Chinese High Temperature Reactor (HTR) development Program
  • Identifies the key factors supporting the development of HTRs
  • Details the benefits of HTR development to China

Reasons to buy

  • Understand the various factors favoring the development of HTRs in China
  • Understand the benefits of HTRs to China
  • Understand the benefits of HTRs against traditional nuclear plants

Spanning over 9 pages, 3 Tables and 3 Figures, “China Eyeing High-Temperature Reactors to Increase Domestic Nuclear Power Capacity and Boost Reactor Exports”report covering the Summary, Appendix.

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