Big Data and Analytics in Government: Current Status and Future Prospects, New Report Launch

The trend to migrate to Big Data technologies is driven by the need for additional information derivable from analysis of all of electronic data available to a business. Electronic data is unstructured and typically available via the Internet and other sources. Combined with the large volume of data collected by companies such as major financial companies, telecom network operators, and the United States Federal Government (“US Government”), this data represents a currently under-realized source of intelligence information.

To realize the true potential to transform intelligence information from the huge amount of unstructured data, government agencies cannot leverage traditional data management technologies and DB techniques in terms of processing data. To understand patterns that exist in unstructured data, government agencies apply statistical models to large quantities of unstructured data. Since government/public agencies have not traditionally had enough human resources or computational capacity to manage and analyze all of their data, Big Data tools/techniques are essential for government agencies to continue to operate.

This report focuses on Big Data from an ICT/telecom perspective in terms of support for the Government sector. It includes analysis of potential issues and costs involved in migrating to Big Data technology.

Target Audience:

  • Big Data companies
  • Governmental agencies
  • Social network companies
  • Telecom service providers
  • Data services and analytics companies
  • Cloud and telecom infrastructure providers

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