Tea: The Future Is Green And Herbal. Global Markets, Competitors And Opportunities – 2013-2018 Analysis And Forecasts

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. The market for Tea is growing rapidly. Rising consumer awareness about the health hazards of carbonated drinks is leading to a shift towards Teas of all types. Another major driver is the increasing awareness by consumers that certain type of Tea can both prevent and cure various diseases. Aging populations in Japan, Europe and the US also are increasing demand for Tea because of its anti-ageing properties.

As a result of these trends, Tea is now found everywhere including supermarkets, health and natural foods stores, drug stores, mass merchandisers and Tea rooms, among others. New Tea brands and products are appearing weekly. And pharmaceutical products based on Tea are under development.

The global market for Tea is very large and estimated at USD17.6 billion in 2013, in terms of production value. While the Black/Other Teas segment is growing modestly (3.4% annually), production of Green tea is growing rapidly (11% CAGR) and Herbal Teas are growing exponentially (>15% CAGR).

Despite the exploding demand for Tea, little has been published on this market, especially the Green and Herbal segments. This report looks in detail at the Tea market. Specifically, it provides:

A comprehensive overview on the market for Tea products by type, including Black and Other teas (Oolong, White, Yellow, etc.) Green tea, and Herbal teas, e.g. Yerba Mate, Chamomile, Echinacea, Ginseng, etc.

A thorough review of Tea’s health effects-especially on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, renal disease, dementia, oral health, intestinal problems and ageing.

Research trends on the use of Green and Herbal teas for curing and preventing various diseases.

Analysis of global Tea production volume and value by type and region during the 2013-2018 period, exports, imports, price trends and the competitive environment.

Spanning over 320 pages, 61 tables and 20 figures, “Tea: The Future Is Green And Herbal. Global Markets, Competitors And Opportunities – 2013-2018 Analysis And Forecasts” report covering Introduction, Background, Methodology And Sources, Statistical Notes, Tea Market Overview, Tea And Health, Green Tea Market Overview, Herbal Teas, Yerba Mate, Ginseng Tea, Chamomile Tea, Echinacea Tea.

For more information visit : http://www.marketresearchreports.com/amadee-company-inc/tea-future-green-and-herbal-global-markets-competitors-and-opportunities-2013

Additionally, profiles of 173 leading, public and private companies involved in the Tea industry as producers, distributors, retailers and consultants are given.  Few Companies are are – Akbar Brothers Ltd., Alvita Tea, Ambo Exports, Arizona Beverage Company LLC, Asahi Soft Drinks Co. Ltd, Asian Tea & Exports Ltd., Balaji Agro International, Barry’s Tea, Battler Tea, Bigelow Tea Company, Bird’s Nest, Brassica Teas, Bubble Tea Supply Australia, CCCI, Cape Natural Tea Products, Carritt Moran & Co. Pvt. Ltd., Ceylon Black Tea Company, Ceylon Tea Exotica, Chakratea, Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd., China FML Tea Trading Co., Ltd., China Mist Tea Company, China Xiamen Mingren Tea Co. Ltd, Choice Organic Teas, Clipper Teas Ltd, Coetzee & Coetzee (Pty) Ltd., Cooper Tea Company, Crescent International (Pvt) Ltd, DavidsTea, D.C.Ghose & Co (A) Pvt. Ltd., Gold Peak, Gold Scarab, Golzar, Hain Celestial Group Inc., Haelssen and Lyon, Harney & Sons Tea, Harris Tea Company.

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