Benin Mobile Telecommunications – Data Services Demand to Boom as Government Supports Infrastructure, New Report Launched

‘Benin Mobile Telecommunications: Data Services Demand to Boom as Government Supports Infrastructure,’ a new Country Intelligence Report by Publisher, offers a precise, incisive profile of Benin’s mobile telecommunications market based on comprehensive proprietary data and insights from our research in the Benin  market. Published annually, this presentation-quality, executive-level report provides detailed analysis of the near-term opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the mobile sector, in addition to a review of key regulatory trends.

Key Findings

  • Broadband growth in Benin will be supported by the government, which aims to redevelop the country’s infrastructure and support overall economic growth.
  • The telecom market in Benin remains dominated by mobile services, with data driving revenue growth and sector developments.
  • Early liberalization of the market has resulted in high penetration rates, with many users owning 3-5 SIMs. The number of subscriptions is still increasing.
  • Key opportunities for investors can be found in the underlying development of the sector, i.e., in infrastructure to manage traffic growth and technological upgrades, as new technologies such as 4G are expected to be launched.


“Benin Mobile Telecommunications: Data Services Demand to Boom as Government Supports Infrastructure” provides an executive-level overview of the telecommunications market in Benin today, with detailed forecasts of key indicators up to 2018. It delivers deep quantitative and qualitative insight into Benin’s telecom market, analyzing key trends, evaluating near-term opportunities and assessing risk factors, based on proprietary data from Publisher’s databases.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Benin in a regional context; a comparative review of market size and trends with that of other countries in the region.
  • Economic, demographic and political context in Benin.
  • The regulatory environment and trends; a review of the regulatory setting and agenda for the next 18-24 months as well as relevant developments pertaining to spectrum licensing, national broadband plans, number portability and more.
  • A demand profile; analysis as well as forecasts and historical figures of service revenue from fixed telephony (including VoIP), broadband, and mobile voice and data markets.
  • The service evolution; a look at the change in the breakdown of overall revenue in the mobile sector by voice, data and video in the current year as well as the end of the forecast period.
  • The competitive landscape; an examination of key trends in competition and service providers’ performance, revenue market shares and expected moves over the next 18-24 months.
  • An in-depth sector analysis of mobile voice and data services; a quantitative analysis of service adoption trends by technology/platform as well as operator, average revenue per line/subscription and service revenue through the end of the forecast period.
  • Main opportunities; this section details the near-term opportunities for operators, vendors and investors in Benin’s telecommunications markets.

Reasons To Buy

  • This Country Intelligence Report helps executives build proactive, profitable growth strategies by offering comprehensive, relevant analysis of Benin’s telecommunications markets based on insights directly from the local market players.
  • The report offers a wealth of data on the telecom markets, with Benin’s mobile segment examined in detail.
  • The competitive landscape and the major players are given extra attention, enabling local players or prospective market entrants to gain the insight they need.
  • The broad but detailed perspective will help operators, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players to succeed in the challenging telecommunications market in Benin.
  • The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately.
  • The report concludes with an exploration of the opportunities available in the Benin market to operators, vendors and investors.

Spanning Over 23 pages “Benin Mobile Telecommunications – Data Services Demand to Boom as Government Supports Infrastructure” report  Provide Executive summary, Market and competitor overview, Benin a regional context, Economic, demographic and political context, Regulatory environment, Demand profile, Service evolution, Competitive landscape, Major market players, Segment analysis: Mobile services. This Report Covered 6 Companies – BBCOM, Moov, Etisalat, MTN, Libercom, Glo Mobile.

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Benin – Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband, New Report Launched

The Benin – Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband report includes all Publisher research data and analysis on this country. Covering trends and developments in telecommunications, mobile, internet, broadband, infrastructure and regulation.

Technology-neutral license awards in 2013 strengthen the broadband market

This annual report provides a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in Benin’s telecommunications market. Subjects covered include:

  • Key statistics
  • Market and industry overviews
  • The impact of the global economic crisis
  • Government policies affecting the telecoms industry
  • Market liberalisation and regulatory issues
  • Telecoms operators – privatisation, acquisitions, new licences
  • Major players (fixed, mobile and broadband);
  • Infrastructure development
  • Mobile voice and data markets
  • Average Revenue per User
  • Internet and broadband development
  • Convergence (voice/data, fixed/wireless/mobile).

The telecom market in Benin continues to face considerable hurdles to overcome the country’s poor fixed-line infrastructure. Nevertheless, recent developments suggest that the sector will be transformed in coming years, with services made more widely available, at far cheaper prices, than hitherto. This has the potential to transform many areas of the country’s economy, bringing a greater proportion of the population into the orbit of internet commerce and connectivity.

The third submarine cable system, which came online in 2012, has substantially reduced the cost of international bandwidth. The fixed-line monopoly operator Benin Telecoms has also expanded its fixed-wireless and DSL-based broadband services in recent years, extending its national fibre backbone and international fibre connections. Long-established plans to privatise the company have thus far come to nought, though the government is developing its strategy to sell of the company’s assets, including the mobile services unit Libercom which will be spun off as a new entity with separate assets.

The mobile telephony sector enjoys effective competition between Libercom, South Africa’s MTN, Etisalat’s Moov, Globacom’s Glo Mobile, and Bell Benin. Competition among these players has pushed market penetration above 90% by mid-2013.

Although fixed-line internet services have been available in Benin since 1995, access is limited a small proportion of the population. By mid-2013, fixed-line internet represented only about 10% of all accesses: most connectivity is through the mobile networks.

The country’s first licence for 3G and 4G mobile broadband services was awarded in early 2012. In May 2013 the government launched a tender for ‘Universal Service Licenses’. In the following month licenses were awarded to MTN and Etisalat’s Moov. The licences are technology neutral, enabling the operators to offer services based on 3G, LTE and mobile WiMAX technologies.

The vast majority of mobile subscribers are prepaid: by mid-2013 there were about 35,000 contract subscribers, representing only about 0.4% of the total subscriber base.

Market highlights:

  • New technology-neutral license awards in 2013 to promote broadband connectivity;
  • Second international submarine fibre optic cable offers pricing competition;
  • Plans advance to sell off Libercom as a separate company;
  • Strong growth in the number of mobile internet accesses.

Key developments:

Etisalat Moov launches 3G services, introduces its ‘Flous’ m-commerce service; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donate funds to a mobile vaccine registry program; report includes telcos’ operating data to Q2 2013; regulator’s market data to June 2013; market developments to March 2014.

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Spanning Over 28 pages, 24 tables, 3 charts and 2 exhibits, “Benin – Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband” report covering the Key statistics, Telecommunications market, Regulatory environment, Fixed-line operators in Benin, International infrastructure, Internet market, Broadband market, Convergence, Mobile communications. The report covered 18 companies – MTN, Moov (Telecel), Libercom, BBCom (Bell Benin), Glo Mobile (Globacom), Benin Telecoms (OPT), Kanakoo (BeninNet), Isoce, EIT, FirstNet, Arts Bobo, Sobiex Informatique, Global Trading Agency, Afripa, Telecom, Thuraya, Nitel, Suburban Telecom, CEB.

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