2020 Foresight: Bancassurance

In the consolidating world of financial services, the concept of bancassurance has taken a central role in the strategy of a growing number of financial institutions. Insurance products distributed through the banking channel have become a natural choice for mass-market clients looking for simple and low-cost products available from a trusted financial institution. Globally, bancassurance has emerged as an important insurance distribution channel that has not only allowed insurance companies to expand their geographical presence but also enabled banks to expand their overall product portfolio. The value of commissions earned through bancassurance is expected to grow globally. The key markets with high growth prospects include India, Singapore, Turkey, China and Chile. In Asia-Pacific, growth will be fostered by the entry of large foreign insurance players and a favorable macro-economic environment. In Turkey, the business is expected to grow owing to the growing demand for pension products in the country.

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The report provides market analysis, information and insights into bancassurance:

  • Global snapshot of the bancassurance concept in the insurance industry and its market share in various regions across the world
  • Comprehensive analysis of the industry’s market attractiveness and future growth areas
  • Analysis of various market drivers and regulations governing bancassurance in the insurance industry
  • Detailed analysis of the marketing strategies adopted for selling life, non-life and personal accident and health insurance products through the bancassurance distribution channel
  • Comprehensive analysis of market segmentation and the number of policies and schemes sold through bancassurance in various countries
  • Case studies of various key players in the insurance industry and their bancassurance strategies


  • This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the bancassurance concept prevailing in the insurance industry
  • It expands upon the current and future prospects for the insurance industry and the bancassurance distribution channel
  • It details the different infrastructural, consumer and business drivers affecting bancassurance in various countries across the world
  • It outlines the current regulatory framework impacting the bancassurance business of the insurance industry
  • It details the marketing strategies used by various insurers and other institutions
  • It profiles the major insurers in the insurance industry and their bancassurance strategies

Reasons To Buy

  • Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to bancassurace in the insurance industry and each market within it
  • Understand the key market trends and growth opportunities within the insurance industry through the bancassurance distribution channel
  • Assess the competitive dynamics in the bancassurance business in the insurance industry
  • Gain insights into the marketing strategies used for selling various types of life, non-life and personal accident and health insurance products through bancassurance agreements
  • Gain insights into key regulations governing bancassurance by various national authorities in different countries

Key Highlights

• Bancassurance – the sale of retail insurance products to a commercial bank’s client base – has evolved different models since its origins in the European Union (EU) in the mid-1980s. The different models drive profitability, product design and operational challenges. The classic European model is an integrated one, with common ownership or some form of exclusive commitment between the insurance provider and bank distributor.

• In the US, despite early indications that bancassurance might achieve market penetration levels in life insurance comparable to the one-third share it has in Europe, banks have struggled to achieve a market share of 2% and essentially offer a range of third-party insurance products to provide choice to their clients. In contrast, in the booming markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America, the market shares of the bank channel are rapidly approaching European levels.

• The recent financial crisis of 2007-9 has had a traumatic impact on global bancassurance. Sales of life and other long-term investment products have collapsed as banks prioritize deposits to replenish their liquidity, and clients flee the equity market in favor of liquidity and cash. Lower sales of non-life products reflect reduced volumes of consumer loans as clients deleverage.

• Bancassurance business drivers differ between geographical regions. The key business drivers in the Americas are high levels of bank penetration, the presence of large foreign players, the brand equity of banks, savings in the economy, financial deregulation, tax advantages and domestic credit availability. In Europe, bancassurance is driven by the growth of relationship banking, a favorable tax structure, a general decline in interest rates and the reduction in social security expenditure undertaken by governments.

For more information visit:  2020 Foresight: Bancassurance

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