Mobile Value-added Services (VAS) in 4G: Market Analysis and Forecasts for LTE-based VAS 2013 – 2018, New Report Launched

In the pre-LTE marketplace, the biggest mobile value-added services (VAS) are mobile apps and mobile advertising. This does not change simply with the introduction of LTE, as there will only be roughly 184 million LTE subscribers globally against 7.2 billion subs overall by year end 2013. A transformation will occur over a period of years in which certain key mobile VAS applications will establish a sustainable market position for the network operators. In fact, this must occur for carriers to establish new revenue streams for business growth beyond core voice and data services as well as anticipated margin squeeze.

The first part of this report assesses the current state of LTE. The report then analyzes value-added services (VAS) in the post LTE era. The research takes an umbrella approach as it evaluates data, mobile advertising, and mobile apps first, and then considers market verticals. Mind Commerce explains how revenues are realized in each market. Mind Commerce examines Rich Communications Suite (RCS) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE). The report describes how the market will develop, in general, and also evaluate what countries are likely to adopt VoLTE by taking a detailed look at infrastructure, spectrum, and the competitive landscape in each country. Find all 4G and LTE Industry market research reports under a single page.

The report includes forecasts for 2013 – 2018 for every major VAS application category including:

  • Mobile Data
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Rich Communication Suite (RCS)
  • Mobile Advertising
  • API-based Apps
  • Social Networking
  • Coupons and Loyalty
  • Geo-location
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Mobile Virtual Goods
  • Video, TV, and Second Screen
  • Mobile Health
  • Mobile Entertainment
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M)
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Public Safety
  • Messaging (non RCS)
  • Small Cell Targeted Advertising

The report includes conclusions and recommendations for network operators, content providers, application developers, and infrastructure providers. The Report also includes vendor analysis from selected companies including Empirix, OpenCloud, Openmind Networks, Samsung, and Tropo.

Target Audience:

  • OSS/BSS Solution Providers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Mobile Software Developers
  • Mobile Payment Service Providers
  • Handset and Tablet Manufacturers
  • Content and Applications Mediators
  • Social Commerce Vendors and providers
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers

Key Findings:

Challenges to carrier business include existing concerns, such as Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers, as well as emerging threats such as Direct (Peer-to-Peer) Communications, which shall ironically be enabled via LTE.

Network operators must deal with the threat of these “dial around” voice over wireless IP (or VoIP over Wireless OTT) OTT service providers by offering their own “dialable” VoIP. Dialable VoIP is enabled through Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Network operators must also offer Rich Communications Suite (RCS) as a multimedia VAS application to combat OTT competition. Carriers must also embrace API integration with various third-parties to offer their own VAS.

It is our strong recommendation to incumbent carriers that they recognize that core bearer based revenues will go down over time. They must leverage LTE infrastructure and capabilities to offer their own differentiating capabilities including premium-priced VAS applications

Report Benefits:

  • Global and regional forecast for key apps: VoLTE and RCS
  • Forecasts for 2013 – 2018 for every major LTE VAS application
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for LTE services providers
  • Understand the business drivers and key success factors for VoLTE and RCS
  • Identify opportunities for infrastructure providers and application developers
  • Understand LTE technology and supporting next generation network infrastructure
  • Identify emerging opportunities including Connected Vehicles and Small Cell Advertising

Spanning over 178 pages, 49 tables and 16 figures, “Mobile Value-added Services (VAS) in 4G: Market Analysis and Forecasts for LTE-based VAS 2013 – 2018” report provides information on market overview, drivers and challenge, competition and key trends.

In addition to covering the Long term evolution (LTE), LTE value-added services (VAS), the most actively anticipated vas:  VOLTE, Rich communications suite (RCS), Prospects for VOLTE and RCS deployments by region, Vendor analysis, Conclusions and recommendations, Glossary and Appendices. The report covers 18 companies – AT&T, Bell Mobility, Clearwire, Rogers Wireless, Sprint, Telus Mobility, T-MOBILE / METROPCS, Verizon Wireless, EMPIRIX, Opencloud, Openmind Networks, Samsung, TROPO, CSSON, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, Alcatel-Lucent and ZTE.

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