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Partner Search – Medical Compression Stockings Market in Thailand, New Report Launched

The objective of this study was to:

  • Understand market environment including competitor and distribution channel in the medical compression therapy sector.
  • Recommend potential channel partners on a basis of their presence and position within the Thai market
  • Provide appropriate recommendations on potential channel partners

Market size:

In 2009, feed consumption  in China, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam was total about 409.3 million of which China is the largest market (90% shared) followed by Indonesia and Vietnam (shared about 4% each) and Philippines (2%). 

Market attractiveness:

However, in term of market attractiveness, Vietnam  and Philippines are the most attractive markets due to reliance on imported ingredients.  In China, despite its huge market, only 1.1% of its feed consumption are imported. However, due to its substantial market size its portion of imported ingredients can be as high as 4 million tons a year.  For Indonesia, the market is self-sufficient especially for macro ingredients, while its still relies on the import market for feed supplement and additive products.

Livestock sector:

Swine and poultry feeds dominate the four markets as about 68% of livestock outputs come from these two sectors.  China is a huge market for all type of livestock’s products.  Within selected Southeast Asia (SEA) markets, Indonesia is the primary market for poultry feeds, whilst the Philippines and Vietnam are the main market for swine feeds.  The dairy and beef sectors are yet to be developed in China and the selected SEA market.

Choice of feeds:

Corn, cassava, soya bean and rice bran are common macro ingredient used.  For feed supplements, nutritional products such as vitamin, amino acid and trace mineral are commonly found in the four markets, similar to auxilary substances such as pigments, antioxidant.  For disease preventing drugs, antibiotics are commonly used while growth promotants and digestive enhancers are still at an experimenting stage.

Trends of feeds ingredients:

The demand for DDGs is rising in China, Vietnam and Philippines,  This is because its considerably cheaper  than corn and the price is also more stable.   As the feeds industry in the four markets are under restructuring and moving toward industrialization, the demand for feed supplements and additive will continue to rise as its standard practice for large feed mills to use supplements and additives to improve their production capacity and maintain quality of output.  

Decision making process:

Nutritionist is the main decision maker for large feed millers.  Large feed millers are usually foreign owned and most of the time the feed formulae comes from the regional headquarter, which also plays a vital role on selection of suppliers and sourcing.  

Decision criteria:

Ability to maintain feed ingredient quality is the key issues for the selected SEA markets, while the China market is more concerned on logistical issues, such as consistent and reliable delivery and shelf life.

Key players:

CP group from Thailand, New Hope from China and San Miguel  from the Philippines are the main regional players for agribusiness.   They are vertical integrated players mainly in the poultry and swine segments.   Cargill from the U.S. and Proconco from France are also present in the selected SEA markets.   For second tier players, most are local and/or state-owned enterprises – they usually adopt a good practice from market leader.  This also includes their ingredient sourcing as well as type of feed ingredients to use.

Recommended products: 

DDGs  has high potential to grow in China, Vietnam and Philippines markets whilst Indonesian would prefer to source corn locally as the local corn price is cheaper.  The demand for functional feed supplements and additive such as nutritional enhancer, antibiotics will continue to grow  along the expansion of manufactured feed productions.  More advance technology products such as pre-biotic, pro-biotic are yet to be widely adopted and the demand will grow slowly in the short-run.   The demand for alfalfa will also continue to grow, however, price is the main barrier for adoption as most of the farmer in dairy sectors are local enterprise.  Silage inoculants still do not show a high potential for China and the selected SEA markets.  This is because most of the farmers are not aware on its functional benefits.  This therefore leads to low demand, which leads to the product not being commonly available.

Spanning over 59 pages “Market analysis – Channel: Partner Search – Medical Compression Stockings Market in Thailand” report Covering Project background, Overview of Thailand healthcare industry, Overview of medical compression stock, Market size and growth, Distribution channel analysis, Customer analysis, Appendix. This report Covered 4 Companies – Medi, Venosan, Maxis and Jobst, HAN Biomed.

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