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Tobacco Market is Expected to reach US$ 35 billion by 2018, Finds New Report

India Tobacco Market Outlook to 2018 – Soaring Demand of Tobacco Products Amongst Young Generation report provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as the market size of the India tobacco, cigarettes, cigar, beedis and smokeless tobacco market, along with the future projections and opportunities in the industry. The report also covers the market shares of major players in each of the business segment in India.

A large proportion of Indian economy is agro based in which Tobacco is one of the principal cash crops. The tobacco production and its allied products’ sales in the country have played a prominent role in the development of nation’s economy. India is the ~ largest tobacco market in the world in terms of tobacco consumption. The smokeless tobacco has historically been served as a tradition in India for many decades. Presently, the smokeless tobacco is the largest tobacco product category in India. On account of the fact the majority of the Indian tobacco consuming population consumes beedis, snuff and smokeless tobacco, including gutka, khaini and zarda, the tobacco market is majorly held by chewing and beedi tobacco products. Unlike other countries such as the US, UK and others where the production of cigarettes accounted for more than ~% of total production of tobacco related products, in India, the tobacco market is majorly controlled by the production of snuffs, guthka and others.

During last few years, the consumers belonging to lower income groups has been showcasing a consistent paradigm shift from beedis to lower price ranged cigarette products. This in turn have augmented the overall tobacco market revenues as cigarettes are relatively expensive than beedis. However, the increasing regulations in the industry via taxation bans on advertising promotion have led to a decline in the growth of tobacco products volume sales in the country. Furthermore, bans on smoking cigarettes and beedis in public places, graphical representation of health warnings on cigarette boxes and increasing public campaigns against smoking have also been discouraging the Indian population to consume tobacco products in the country.

In FY’2012, the tobacco market in India witnessed a growth of ~% in revenue of tobacco market owing to the fact that the central government provided a new ~ mm segment in the excise tariff. This new segment was developed as a strategy to curb illicit trade. In light of this, leading manufacturers took an advantage and launched more than ~ products under this segment as new brands or brand extensions. For instance, Gold Flake lights have launched Small Gold Flake of size ~ mm, which has acquired a large proportion of market share in the light tar and small cigarettes category. The revenue of the overall tobacco market grew from USD ~ million in FY’2012 from USD ~ million in FY’2011. The overall tobacco market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~% from FY’2013-2018 and will reach USD 35 billion by 2018.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • The market size of India Tobacco market, market size India cigarettes market, market size of beedi market, market size of smokeless tobacco market, market size of India cigar market.
  • Market segmentation of India tobacco market by Product categories, by types of cigarette size.
  • Trends and Developments in India Tobacco market.
  • Competitive landscape and detailed company profiles of the major players of Tobacco market in India.
  • Market shares of major players of Tobacco market in India, market share of major brands in the India cigarettes market, market share of major players in India smokeless tobacco market.
  • Future outlook and projections of tobacco market in India.
  • SWOT Analysis and Cause and Effect Relationship of India Tobacco Market.
  • Macroeconomic Variables and their future projections in India Tobacco Market.

Spanning over 56 pages, India Tobacco Market Outlook to 2018 – Soaring Demand of Tobacco Products Amongst Young Generation” report covering the India Tobacco Market Introduction, India Tobacco Market Segmentation, Price Analysis of Tobacco Products in India, FY’2013, India Tobacco Market Imports and Exports, India Tobacco Market Trends and Developments, Market Share of Major Players in India Tobacco Market, Competitive Landscape of Major Players in India Tobacco Market, India Tobacco Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2014-2018, Macroeconomic Variables of India Tobacco Market, Appendix. The report covered companies are – ITC Limited, Godfrey Philips, VST Industries, Bharat Beedi Works, Kerala Dinesh Beedi Workers Cooperative, Mangalore Ganesh Beedi Works, Dhariwal Industries, Dharampal Satyapal, Som Sugandh Industries, Kothari Products

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