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Global Cotton Supply & End Use Demand 2014 – Trends & Forecast up to 2020, New Report Launched

This report categorizes the on the basis of World cotton supply and end use trends, regional supply and demand of cotton fibre, forecast of cotton production.

Cotton has been a dominant fibre in cloth production and plays a significant role as main input during the last two centuries. Currently, Cotton and Polyester, together account for more than two thirds of global fibre consumption. Cotton is considered as a very important crop, as it is the major source of clothing to the world. Besides, it is used in various industrial applications also. Hence, it is ranked among the most cultivated and traded commodities on the planet. Cotton and its various by-products are traded in the market and are looked upon as an important means of investment. Cotton is basically produced in the areas having tropical climatic conditions. In the year 2013, China was the largest producer of cotton in the world followed by United States of America and India.

Cotton market in the world is highly competitive since there is no restriction in entry, besides, a large number of producers across the globe operate in the industry and trade.  The total cotton supply in the year 2013 was estimated at 249.23 million bales (of 480 pounds each). The Cotton prices have been increasing in a slow and steady pace over long periods. But the main problem faced by the cotton textile industry in the world is the price volatility of cotton and its typical relationships with the synthetic fibres particularly the polyester fibres. Since, polyester prices in turn depend on the crude oil and the volatility of the crude oil prices.

The objective of the report is to examine –

(i)    The status and trends of cotton fibre more specifically

a.status of world’s total cotton supply, their components such as the beginning stock, production and imports and also their trends

b.Status and trends in mill use, imports and the SUR i.e. the ending stock to the use (mill use and exports) ratio

c.Price trends of cotton fibre

(ii)  To forecast the cotton market till 2020 in terms of the projected supply, exports, mill use and prices

Spanning over 139 pages, “Global Cotton Supply & End Use Demand 2014 – Trends & Forecast up to 2020” report covers Executive Summary, Introduction, World Cotton Supply and End Use Trends, Regional Supply and Demand of Cotton Fibre, Futures of Cotton Production, Demand and Prices, Appendix.

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