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Brazilian Market for Hearing Devices and Batteries – 2015, New Report Launched

Hearing loss is strongly associated with age, with at least moderate hearing loss becoming common above 65 years of age. The aging population combined with technological improvements in hearing aid circuitry and the increasing defrayal by the government will drive the market.

Through 2021, the bone-anchored hearing aid market will have the highest CAGR due to its relatively low penetration and high growth potential, especially on the public market. In a similar way, the cochlear implant market is expected to experience double-digit growth over the forecast period.

Technological innovations in hearing aid circuitry improve sound quality and immediate post-fit satisfaction, as well as provide new features. Technological innovations, which are first delivered in a manufacturer’s flagship or premium device, will trickle down through the rest of the product line, driving the growth of premium models as well lower-tier devices.

Brazilian public healthcare network accounts for the majority unit share of hearing aids sold, and therefore strongly contributes to overall market sales. Cochlear implant procedures have also been defrayed by the SUS for hearing-impaired people in all age groups, which represents approximately 90% of the overall cochlear implant market.

Brazil’s Hearing Devices & Batteries market report includes the private hearing aid market, public hearing aid market, bone anchored hearing aid, cochlear implant and hearing aid battery.

Report Contents:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Identified Strategic Opportunities
  • Market Overview by Segment
  • ASP and Units Sold for both private and public hearing aid markets
  • Trend Analysis by Segment
  • Market Drivers & Limiters
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring

Main Markets Covered:

  • Hearing Aid Market
  • Public Hearing Aid Market
  • Private Hearing Aid Market
  • Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Market
  • Hearing Aid Battery Market
  • Cochlear Implant Market

Overall Reasons to Purchase:

  • Descriptive and qualitative information for the market drivers and limiters for each segment
  • Full competitive analysis of leading competitors

Hearing Aid Market:

  • Hearing impaired population
  • Public and private markets
  • Unit sales, ASPs, market value and competitive analysis

Hearing Aid Market by Style:

BTE, RIC, ITE, ITC and CIC markets

Unit sales, ASPs and market value

Spanning over 120 pages “Brazilian Market for Hearing Devices and Batteries – 2015” report Covering Executive Summary, Research Methodology, Brazilian Market For Hearing Devices And Batteries Overview, Hearing Aid Market, Hearing Aid Market By Style, Hearing Aid Market By Circuit, Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Market, Cochlear Implant Market, Hearing Aid Battery Market. This report Covered 15 Companies – Advanced Bionics, Audibel, Cochlear, MED-EL, Neurelec, Oticon, Panasonic, Phonak, Power One, Rayovac, ReSound, Siemens, Starkey, Widex, ZeniPower.

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