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Big Data in Retail: What Executives and IT Leaders Need to Know about Improving Business and Revenue, New Report Launched

Big Data is a reference to a collection of data files/sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using existing database management tools or traditional data processing applications. It has also come to reference the challenges in capturing, organizing, storing, searching, sharing, transferring, analyzing and using this data to improve your business.

The trend to Big Data is due to the additional information derivable from analysis of all of this data, combined with other separate sets of information, to help businesses spot business trends or determine quality of service. The large volumes of data being collected by companies such as major banks, financial companies, telecommunication companies are a hidden source of business intelligence and customer preferences.

This report provides insights and vision into what retail industries are doing to mine and analyze this information in order to grow your retail business. The report also focuses on potential issues and problem areas that must be considered before starting a Big Data project.

Target Audience:

  • Big Data and analytics companies
  • Data as a Service (DaaS) companies
  • Cloud-based service providers of all types
  • Data processing and management companies
  • Application Programmer Interface (API) companies
  • Public investment organizations including investment banks
  • Private investment including hedge funds and private equity

Spanning over 24 pages “Big Data in Retail: What Executives and IT Leaders Need to Know about Improving Business and Revenue” report Covering the Introduction, Big Data Overview, Transitioning Into Big Data, Risks and Issues, Summary.

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