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Advanced Concepts of Cloud Computing – 2015, New Report Launched

Nowadays, we hear more and more about could computing. For people who are tech savvy, within the world of IT, it is easy to learn and relate to this concept. But for many people, who are technically challenged, run multi-million dollar businesses, understanding cloud computing is difficult, yet necessary.  For some people understanding cloud computing may be just to satiate their curiosity but for many more it is an important aspect of life and businesses. Cloud computing is already affecting businesses (positively) and impacting decision making more than each one of us can think of!

Cloud computing can be described in multiple ways. In fact, it has almost 21 different definitions. Though it means different things to different people, cloud computing is a term that doesn’t describe one particular, single thing – rather it can be considered as a general term that sits over a variety of services from Infrastructure as a Service at the base, through Platform as a Service as a development tool and through to Software as a Service replacing on-premise applications.

The report starts with the meaning and definition of cloud computing and, for balance, includes the NIST definition which is widely regarded as definitive in the industry. The topic itself is inherently technical but we realize that not everybody wants to know about the bits, bytes and technicalities associated with it. So we’ve attempted to simplify all jargons with analogies and simplified explanations that will try to bring the ‘cloud’ back down to ‘earth’.

This report introduces readers to the concept of cloud computing, explores the architecture, service models, deployment models in use today followed by the benefits and challenges associated with cloud computing. Further, the report also explains the business drivers for cloud computing, why organizations choose the cloud, important considerations and decisions while deciding to go ‘cloud’ and how cloud computing has become a ‘utility’ like electricity in our day to day life. Lastly, the reports explains how each one of us already uses the cloud, though we may not realize it and why businesses, big or small should consider adopting cloud computing in the near future.

Spanning over 48 pages, Advanced Concepts of Cloud Computing – 2015” report covering the Executive Summary, Introduction, Classification Of Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, Business Drivers For Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing As A Utility, Why Organizations Choose The Cloud, Cloud Deployment Considerations And Decisions, Conclusions And Recommendations.

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